The Capstone project ePortfolio

This site hosts the Capstone ePortfolio of Christopher E Franco, a prospective Walden University Master of Science Instructional Design and Technology (MS IDT) graduate. The ePortfolio  consist mainly of a Resume and collection of significant projects / artefacts produced during my  Walden University Master of Science Instructional Design and Technology (MSIDT) learning experience from March (2014) to February (2016). These reflect progression and achievements from very novice in instructional design and technology, especially the technology aspect, to the present graduating instructional design (ID) student. The Resume consists of my educational, job and social leadership experiences and achievements.


Christopher Franco, is a Grenadian primary school teacher who felt motivated to continue higher level studies immediately after completing his first (Bachelor’s of Education, Primary English Language) degree with the University of the West Indies (2013). He began March, 2014 amidst  very tough social and financial conditions,. yet has persevered.

Hisy notion for pursuing this trend was “Strike the iron while it’s hot”, since, he felt it necessary to complete this educational phase rather than to procrastinate, for what might be several years, then returning to try picking up where he left off. Educationally, he thinks it an excellent choice; though quite financially and time taxing.

What could it be career-wise, as yet!

‘Time will tell” (Jimmy Cliff, 1970’s)

D. O. B: 25/05/1958

Address: Vendome, St George’s, Grenada, West Indies

Title: Graduate teacher

Hobbies: jogging, nature going, reading, art, backyard farming, root-socializing

Vision: inspiring; bringing knowledge, justice, social mobility and bliss to the needy and society


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